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by Top Places to Visit and Best Places to Visit on December 10, 2012

Holidays in India

There are many best places to visit in Delhi. Delhi the capital of India. Delhi is witness of history of many kings and princes. Great battles were fought between great warriors here. Many kings given great historical places in the form of forts, tombs, monuments and gardens which are now become best places to visit in Delhi. Here are the list of some places to visit in Delhi.

India Gate
Situated at the flank or side of by attractive ponds and lawns, Joins Rajpath to the Republic Day Parade. There are two Rashtrapati Bhawan and two secretariat buildings on the two sides of this broad road. Earlier the Boat Club was there besides the Rajpath. One can spent his great evening at the India Gate. It is located at the eastern end of Rajpath. This is also among  the most places to visit in Delhi.

Best Places to Visit in Delhi

Qutub Minar
The long pillar Qutub Minar made of red sandstone. It has height of 72.5mts is a great architectural marvel of the Indian history. Ashoka Pillar is located just near by it. Though made of iron but it has with stood the different weathers of time and still maintains it originality. A very interesting thing about this pillar is to Stand with support of your back to the pillar, and if one can hold his hands around it and ones wish can come true. This is also among  the most visited places of Delhi.

Lotus Temple Delhi

The Bahai Temple
This temple was developed in 1986, we can also call this, temple of gardens and pools. People belonging different religion, visit to this temple. Its lotus shape is very beautiful and also know as lotus Bahai temple. Around 8-10 thousand people visit this temple every day. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi.

Best Places to Visit in Delhi

Iskcon Temple
This Lord Krishna temple was developed by the Hare Rama Hare Krishna society in 1988 is also known as Hare Rama Hare Krishna. There are around 40 temples in ISKCON chain. Its complex is among the largest temple area in India. There is a museum in the temple complex which has many statues of Radha and Krishna.

Red Fort Delhi

Red Fort
The great historical place was built with red sand stones in 1648, situated at bank of Yamuna River. Shah Jahan built this place after shifting his capital to Delhi. It took 10 years to construct Red Fort. One can enjoy Light and Sound show in the evening. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi.. Diwan-i-Aam, Diwan-i-Khas, Nahr-i-Behisht, Zenana, Moti Masjid etc. are major attraction of Red Fort.

Popular Tourist Places

Laxmi Narain Temple
Laxmi Narain Temple is also known as Birla Mandir, is one of the best temples in Delhi. It was developed in 1938 by Birla Group and was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. The temple has beautiful trees, well managed gardens, landscapes, waterfalls and fountains. Enjoy places to visit in Delhi. It is one of the most visited places of Delhi. People belonging different religion come to visit this temple.

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